Traditional Bris/Brit Milah/circumcision, Baby Naming (for any gender), or any other “welcome to this earth!” ritual that resonates with you.


Sanctifying the union between all lovers of all backgrounds! Includes pre-marital counseling, Ketubah signing, officiating the ceremony, & more.


Graveside burials, chapel ceremonies, shiva holding, bedside accompaniment for the actual death, one-one-one meetings with the mourners, & more.

…and conversions, medicine ceremonies, B’nai Mitzvah, yoga, meditation, & other personalized rituals

including Gender Affirmation, Adult Hebrew Naming, First Mooning (Menstruation), Last Mooning (Menopause), Divorce, New Home, Miscarriage, Abortion, Natural Disaster (home burned in wildfire, etc) and beyond.

Ritually marking transitions helps ground, settle, and open us-

let’s craft something personalized for you, together!

…and on Zoom too

During the Pandemic, Student Rabbi Paige has officiated Baby Namings, funerals, Pesach Seders, & High Holidays all on Zoom. So anywhere around the world, it would be an honor & pleasure to support you and your ceremony.

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